Saturday, October 9, 2010

Life after 2012 goes on as usual - Nothing extraordinary happens

From Quo challenings, we realize that life on planet Earth will be similar after 2012. Nothing extraordinary will happen.

Maybe during the next decades, we will feel an increased intuition (as the veil between 3D and 4D thins), and probably dramatic changes in our society. These are well detailed in my other blog Astrological Transits.

But it's not the end of the world, and it's not a sudden transition or ascension to another reality. Life goes on as usual.

2012. Nothing extraoridinary happens. 4D is born but invisible. 3D is fading away. We live until our natural deaths.
  • 3D and 4D cannot co-exist simultaneously. They are different. And 3D cannot become 4D within our 3D reality. 4D is an altogether separate reality, being born at this time and remaining invisible to us. 3D is fading away. We must die to be transfered from 3D into 4D.
  • Life on Earth in 2013 will be similar to that on 2012 or 2011. To allow 3D entities (we) to finish naturally our lives. We will also still be giving birth to 3D individuals.
  • However, our third-density Earth (this reality) will become uninhabitable in the next 300 years. At this point, 4D will interpenetrate 3D and become visible to this reality.

The harvest. Service to others versus service to self
After death, we might reincarnate in 4D STO Earth
  • Currently, we are making a choice: service to others, service to self, or no choice.
  • We will live normally after 2012. After death, we reincarnate accordingly to our choice. Service to others will reincarnate in fourth-density Earth (a completely separate reality).
  • All focus should be in the Here and Now. We should live our lives naturally. Many of us will be focusing on cleaning our karma, repairing the planet Earth, and take care for each other.
  • This way we are building the foundations for a service to others 4D life. This is the harvest: individuals are developing forward their choice.

Third-density Earth is nested within fourth-density Earth. It is not the same Earth as fourth-density Earth. Third-density Earth will not become fourth-density Earth, any more than first-density Earth became second-density Earth, or second-density Earth became third-density Earth. These densities are nested in such a way as to occupy the same area or influence within space/time and time/space, held lovingly by the overarching energy field of your sun.

Third-density Earth is an Earth whose light is waning. While it will remain third-density, it will no longer support third-density entities in their seeking of the truth. Thusly, third density is shortly to become inactive, we would say, within three or four hundred of your years beyond 2012. Thusly, 2013 upon your planet will look very much like 2012 upon your planet. However, you will find that your population of entities grows more and more interested and fascinated with the reparation of the Earth and the healing of what you call your Mother Earth or Gaia.

Those who incarnate at this time upon Planet Earth, that is, after 2012, will be those whose experiences in other incarnations have carried with them an element of adhering karma because of the destruction of their Earth, whether it be this Earth and the destruction of Atlantis, or Maldek, or Mars, or several other Earths that created an uninhabitable third-density planet and thusly needed to finish third density upon Planet Earth. There are quite a few millions of those who feel that desire at this time to be part of the healing of the Mother. And there is great joy in contemplating that healing.

Fourth-density Earth is an entirely different sphere, within which third density is nested. And as fourth-density light becomes that which your sun is capable of offering, that fourth-density Earth shall more and more become populated by those from third-density Earth who have graduated in a positive sense and wish to move on. It will be a long time before entities who are inhabiting third density will be able to see entities of fourth density. However, they are as real and as physical, shall we say, to themselves and to fourth-density Earth as you are to your Earth.

We realize that this is one of the less comfortable or naturally obvious concepts having to do with the concept of densities. It is natural for a person to think that this same Earth upon which your feet make footsteps shall become fourth density and that on this same Earth, fourth density shall take place. However, we would suggest to you that it is much like wanting to take your physical body with you when you pass from physical life upon this planet and hoping to drag what this instrument would call this chemical distillery of a body into fourth density and attempt to lug it around when everyone else is dancing with a much lighter and electrically driven rather than chemically driven body.

More to follow soon

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I knew it. I knew it. Its this damn media that's making a few out of nothing. They made people believe of this the 2012 apocalypse. Same on them.