Saturday, October 9, 2010

After 2012, a compassion school for souls. Learning how to live a NEW LIFE!

I have finally solved, with the help of the forum bring4th, about the confusion surrounding the GRADUAL versus SUDDEN transformation, between 3D and 4D.

In fact there is no transition, because 3D cannot become 4D.
4D is an altogether separate density, than that of 3D
4D is already born and will be populated from 2012 after.

Life in 3D continues after 2012. 2013 will be life as usual.
However, during next 300-700 years, 3D becomes uninhabitable.
We must assume some dramatic earth changes will occur gradually.

During next decades, we will finish our harvest/choice STO or STS, and focus in clearing the Earth of our unsustainable behaviours and creating a new way of living. There must be indeed great changes ahead!!

This is probably the preliminary 4D STO work. For other individuals who haven't made their harvest, this will a time to learn caring, compassion, both for otherselves and for the planet.

It seems therefore, that the next decades will be such a learning school. Possibly our society will collapse and will be reorganized around the new model of sustainable intentional communities, back-to-the-land homesteads, and eco-villages.

These are the early beginnings of a future STO 4D civilization.

At the same time, we see an increasing polarization of STS forces and individuals, but this will fade away gradually in the decades following 2012, as society restructures.

Eventually, your planet will no longer be able to sustain the evolutionary energy necessary to live a third-density life. Once this has occurred and there are no longer any third-density entities dwelling on the planet, fourth density will indeed become able not only to interpenetrate third density but to appear. At this point in its development, all of fourth density chooses not to appear. It chooses to remain as an unseen energy in order to allow the third-density entities to complete their patterns.

You cannot become a fourth-density entity within third density. However you would be surprised how deep a change that you can make in the life of your body, as well as your mind and your spirit, by disciplining your thoughts.

Fourth density already exists. It is a very sound and healthy child. It is a new heaven and a new Earth. And it is being filled more and more each day with those who have ascended, in the natural way of things, from planet Earth through the gateway of death.

Your Earth shall become, in the fullness of time, a fourth-density positive planet. However, there is a golden period that is coming for your people. It is a time when those entities who have graduated third density and who are very concerned with the karmic patterns of their past are going to be able to create a time of restitution on planet Earth.

It will be a difficult time. It will be a challenging time. For the technology that you have currently created will not be adequate to the needs of the future. You will be creating new ways to do things. But the energy that is among you will clear tremendously from that which you are experiencing at this time. Those entities among you at this time that are attempting to graduate service to self will have moved on. Those entities who remain upon the planet shall be those positively-oriented entities whose concerns involve restitution to this planet.

There is another group of entities who shall be upon your planet for some time into the future if they so choose. These are entities who are not able to graduate into fourth density, or higher densities if they were wanderers, but who yet feel that karmic pull and wish to make restitution. Those include many who are alive at this time, and you will find that many entities will be attempting more and more to refocus upon the needs of the planet and its resources. They will be wishing to clean its water, its air, and its soil.

These entities are hoping not to graduate but rather to go to a kind of summer school, if you will, where they can free themselves of the habit of carelessness. For it is a careless thing to misuse the environment. It is also a careless thing to misuse people, relationships, societal entities and groups.

So this is a time of great excitement and hope upon your planet. Many are attempting to graduate. And many who do not feel that they can graduate at this time are attempting to make restitution so that they are free of the karma of having destroyed or hurt the planetary beings upon which they lived in the past.

This is how we see your present moment, not as one in which there will be a sudden change but one in which the changes are continuous and metaphysical in nature rather than physical.

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