Monday, December 8, 2008

Should we move into a self-sufficiency earthship house

Today I ask this to the Tarot
"Should I move? Should I move into a self-sufficiency earthship? Should I remove to a rural place?

Chariot: it is a symbol of a great quest and challenge, an external one (self-suffiency, drop-out, living off-grid): we have collected great knowledge on that and persuit fiercely this with both overconfidence and overambition and anxiety but also a good sense of willpower. A hard control, discipline and balance will be needed as well as great willpower. The departure seems not sad, it is filled with optimism and joy, leading to sucess. Cautious to take our moderation but with great will
Death: an ended needed, we may be stuck in time, stalled, there may be short time, the price to pay of a deep change, a deep transformation
Sun: optimism, clarity of mind, sucess, a purpose, new begginings to come

Fool: I asked about making a move this year: this year may be a somewhat impulsive and careless move, to make a move or take a decision. We have all we need to act, move, travel, change, but there is still a change we may be unaware of some important details and trouble. We should act with care and common sense. But embark on this new journey!
Star: a strike of confidence, guidance and regeneration, both in conscious and unconscious!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thinks to check...

Cosmic Trigger, Robert Anton Wilson
Exo-Psychology or Info-Psychology, Timothy Leary

To control the senses to avoid distraction in meditation, by breathing and focusing
one step of Raja Yoga
another step of Raja Yoga: purity of body, mind and soul, ethical purity and from desires
Anarchist "turn on, tune in, drop-out" as said by Timothy Leary
Drop out is not protest. Is non-violent action, dettachment, getting away from authority and control and rules and musts and shoulds (manifestos against work!)

Of course let us not forget the self-sufficient movement, the simply living, the manifesting of abundance (Abraham, Esther Hicks), the permaculture, the wild agriculture (Fukuoka), the service to others philosophy (Ra Material) and integrate all of them!!!

On Sexual Poverty, to see away from sex as a comodity and as a goal-aim pleasure
To regain and touch the sensual and sexual side of nature, where you lost in each other in exctatic feelings of share.
To share is to contradict the proposition of capitalism
(Ra Material and links, also have a very profound description of energetic patterns of human sexuality and how to go from vibrating in red ray (physical self-pleasure) to yellow (identification, link) to green ray (love shared and connection, peace and pure devotion-love) to blue/indigo (mystic communication and communion) to violet (divine transcendence of love and oneness fusion)

Please see local community barter and share such as freedom gardens to grow our own food and Freeconomy online community to share skills and land and meet people in person and increase community

Returning back to Leary please see
Leary propose eight models of consciousness, four are well-known: survivalist for food/pleasure and away of dangers (one-dimensional) mediated by opioids, second is emotional and triggered by alchool, third is logical and rational (caffeine), fourth is tribal including rules of moral and sexual or love connection, fifth is neurosomatic triggered by cannabis or yoga and explored during the sixties linked to eroticism and leisure/hedonism (seeing things beyond 4D of space-time, multidimensional), sixth is neuroelectric where the mind becomes aware of itself independently of the former circuits (triggered by psilocibin) abstract patterns of trips, seventh is neurogenetic, to become aware of our genetic ancestry, past life, akashic records, immortality, global unconscious (triggered by LSD), eighth is neutoatomic triggered by the dreamspace of DMT where life is commanded by intergalatic consciousness, aliens, overmind, quantum...

Sunday, June 8, 2008

A beautiful description of sexuality

Sacred sexuality, by LL Research

In speaking of sexual energy exchange we need first to move back and prepare the ground, as it were, by offering some thoughts concerning the nature of the energy body and the nature of energy exchanges.

Your energy body is far more full of your essence in the metaphysical sense than is your physical body. It is the body from which your physical body takes its form, but it is non-physical, being electrical in nature. You can think of the universe as a whole as a field of energy, infinite and mysterious. Contained within that vast and unimaginable Creator-field lie the fields of the galaxies, the suns, the planets, and the entities upon those planets, such as yourself.

As you step down orders of magnitude to go from Creator to sub-Logos, to sub-sub-Logos, to sub-sub-sub-Logos, yet still the one infinite Creator is replete in every portion, every energy field, and every iota of the creation. Since all is one, each portion of the One is a hologram of the One. The very cells of your body are full of the information of the Creator and the created.

Your energy body is the governing field of your mind, body and spirit. It joins the physical body at some time around physical birth willingly and consciously interpenetrating the physical body that is the opportunity for a lifetime of experience within the illusion of planet Earth. Throughout your life, then, your energy body and your physical body are indistinguishable in terms of any worldly observation or scientific ability to measure the potential difference betwixt the physical and the metaphysical.

It is the energy body that feeds the perceptions of the physical body. As the physical body, mind and emotions gather catalyst and experience, the harvest of those thoughts and emotions moves into the energy body in an endless loop.

Your energy body is fed by the Logos. In local terms it is fed by the energy of your sun which pours its light, its energy, and power into the Earth. Planet Earth, your mother, receives this energy in infinite amounts and sends it from the very heart and womb of the Earth in a radiating pattern from the very core of the planet, outward in every direction, coming up through the ground so that you may absorb it with your feet as you walk upon the earth. It enters the energy body at the joining of the legs, which is the seat of the red-ray chakra, the first of the seven chakras that together comprise your energy body.

This infinite love/light of the Creator that streams into the red ray will, if not baffled, blocked or narrowed, move freely and powerfully into the heart, letting the heart open and bloom like a flower, thereby setting the stage for the potential for work in consciousness.

Work in consciousness can only take place when the red ray, orange ray, and yellow ray are open and the energy of the Creator is running freely through them, for this is the energy that feeds the heart. When it is limited or constricted, the magical personality shall find itself on very short rations. Once the seeker has set his intention to do work in consciousness, then the higher rays become involved: the blue ray of communication, the indigo ray of faith and being, and of course, the green ray of healing and unconditional love.

It is to be noted that it is not necessary, in order to be of service to others and to graduate from third density, for the higher rays to be used in order to access the gateway to intelligent infinity. Simple, straightforward, unconditional love and the energies of forgiveness and compassion shall carry any seeker through graduation with flying colors. That is far more than enough to use in order to penetrate those energies that move one into higher light.

However, you, as a metaphysical being within incarnation, were indeed given the ability to use the higher chakras and to do work in consciousness. The infinite love/light of the one Creator moves upward, whereas it is the intention set by the magical personality that calls the energy from above down to meet the infinite love/light of the one Creator moving upward. Where those two energies meet is the location where the seeker is able to accomplish work in consciousness whether it be healing, channeling or the radiancy of being.

So, whether we are speaking of healing, the green ray energy, or communication, the blue ray energy, or radiancy of being, the indigo ray, we speak of one process whereby a seeker decides to set his intention to become a priest, a minister of light, and to take upon himself the responsibility of using his power rightly.

Sacred sexuality lies within the precincts of the indigo ray, and indeed, moves into the mystery of the violet ray. It calls down inspiration and information from the Godhead principle Itself, that great Logos that is unconditional love, into the heart of that which joins the physical and the metaphysical being, sexuality.

The potential of sexuality is that it may be sacred. The beginnings of sexuality are simple and primal. Consequently, as the priest and the priestess together set their intention to invite the Creator into the equation of their electrical circuitry, they call down the Logos itself. Yet it begins with the simplest sexual chemistry, that attraction that is purely red ray and that has been so sturdy in its efficiency of propagating the species of humans on planet Earth.

The first point that the one known as Jim made concerning sexuality is that it is helpful to prolong foreplay and we would speak on this to an extent and explore why this is so.

As the two who have set their intent come together, they have simply their intent. They have not developed a structure, metaphysically speaking, in which to express their intent. Whatever two entities do after they have set their intent to share sacred sexuality can be considered foreplay. The ritual of the date is very helpful in this regard.

As each of you has talked around the circle before the meditation this night, each has expressed the feeling of being so terribly busy that he almost cannot catch his breath. The world lies heavy upon the shoulders of those who must earn the living and fulfill the duties of the day. There is a great deal to lay down before one can engage in sacred play. There is much to release of the world and the grime and the weariness of the world.

And so, the two meet, perhaps over a dinner or sharing a glass of wine or coffee, a simple meeting of the eyes and the voices. And each talks, perhaps, about the day, about the concerns, the burdens and the feelings of world-weariness and ennui. And as these are spoken, the energy opens up and the rays begin to clear.

What is not usually understood about red ray is that it is not only the ray of sexuality but also the ray of survival. It is the ray in which you must say either “yes” or “no” to life itself. Many are those whose feelings of depression and unhappiness, for various reasons, has begun to shut down or at least narrow that red ray. Somehow, sharing these woes with another whose ears are open to listen begins to get the red ray open again; begins to make life seem good again. The colors brighten, energies lift, and the conversation goes on.

Much is shared on a personal level, opening up orange ray. And if there is, between the two, the sacrament of marriage, yellow ray is also penetrated. And as the affairs of that particular relationship are discussed, that ray begins to open and relax, as each supports each. Finally each can feel the heart opening because of the gratitude that is felt for the company of the other.

Now, perhaps, there has been a shift in the location and the amount of privacy. Perhaps this is the time when the two lovers become intimate, clothes are shed, the outside world falls away, and the talk deepens. Whatever is said in this opening into blue ray has begun to take on the quality of sacredness, as each listens in complete sympathy and support to what the other has to say. The world seems to brighten more and more, the energy lifts and moves towards the indigo ray, that ray of faith and magic where two beings may become magical together.

When that moment arrives where touch is involved, you can see that there has been a great deal of preparation. Sacred sexuality is not casual in any way. It is as structured as is any magical ritual, yet it is structured within the sensibilities of two priests who are invoking the one infinite Creator as they invoke that connection that is the essence of sexual congress.

We mentioned before that your energy body is an electrical body. As electricity has its path, so your energy body has its points of contact which can form a circuit betwixt two energy bodies, making them one. Those openings are at the lips, the hands, the feet, the groin and the breasts. If two hold hands, they are able to exchange sexual energy. If they touch lips they are able to express sexual energy. If any of those elements touch, sexual energy circuits between the two. When one thinks of sacred sexuality one needs to think in terms of the closing of those circuits.

By the time the first touch occurs, there has been a good deal of power built up by the anticipation of the pleasure of touch. In this regard, the focus of the two entities involved is the key to the ratcheting up of the amperage of the contact betwixt the two. Indeed, this instrument has often found it useful to visualize the circuit that has been closed, seeing how it changes color in intensity, how it is infinite in its play as each touches each and each creates ways to make the other feel good.

It was intended by the Creator that sexuality had the potential of offering to third-density entities an experience of the steady state of the Creator, which would be described by third density entities as orgasm. This is the steady state of the universe. This is the power of unconditional love. This is the engine that drives creation. This is the sunlight that falls upon you. It too, is the fusion of the priest and the priestess expressing unconditional love in a steady state.

As a priest and priestess who are mated become more experienced, each with the other, there begin to be refinements on the art of touching, on the nuances of intimacy, so that each can bring the other very close to the point of orgasm and then remain there, playing with that energy, fueling it, playing again, and fueling again, and not feeling the need to move to orgasm.

We believe this is what the one known as Jim had in mind when he spoke of prolonging foreplay, and this is certainly the major part of being able to move up in orders of magnitude, in terms of the brilliance and the power of the energy exchange involved.

However, it is never to be forgotten that all of the energy centers are involved in sacred sexuality. One cannot play in the fields of the Lord if one does not have the lower chakras running well, glad and free and open and accepting of life and all that it offers.

It is indeed so that when both entities, the priest and the priestess, have consciously dedicated their lives to the service of the one infinite Creator, this doubles the power available to each. This is according to the way of doubling or squares. As in many other kinds of energies, when there are two who together seek, the power of that seeking is doubled.

And we would certainly agree with the one known as Jim that when there is a simultaneous orgasm between the priest and the priestess, the energy exchange is at its most brilliant, focused and collected. It is certainly the most lucid way to experience the fusion of self with self and self with Creator.

Yet, at the same time, we would note that it is possible to have a powerful energy exchange without orgasm, simply because of the intention of the mated pair and their dedication of the time of pleasure and feeling good to the service of the one infinite Creator. There are many among your people who have been well mated and who no longer are able to share the sexuality in the way of their youth. This in no way inhibits their ability to exchange sexual energy, to make each other feel good, and to have sacred play.

Sacred sexuality begins with a person’s willingness to become magical. To be able to experience sacred sexuality, a seeker must release those thoughts of himself which limit him. He must find it within himself to accept himself just as he is and to fall in love with himself, casting aside all thought of self-improvement or self judgment. The beginning of the seeker’s transition to the magical personality is his total acceptance of himself as he is.

We believe that this is perhaps the critical difficulty with sacred sexuality and is that limiting factor which keeps many from experiencing the full freedom and beauty of sacred sexuality.

Think of yourself not as you see yourself in the mirror but as you feel yourself when you pray for what you most dearly wish. See yourself not as a physical being but as a dreamer, a hoper, a lover of the light, an idealist. See those energies of intention that have nothing to do with the manifestations of the world. This is the beginning of the magical personality: to perceive yourself more truly than you can with the mirrors of the world.

And finally, we would note the impossibility of creating sacred sexuality without context. Such has often been attempted by those who would like to take a shortcut and who perhaps are unable to sustain a committed personal relationship for the length of time that it takes to establish a safe haven where two can trust that they shall not be harmed. Many are those who have attempted to create sacred sexuality by the use of objects, such as prostitutes, where all of the work of the magician is done by one entity in solitude, using the object in order to express the actual sexual energy. This shall never become true sacred sexuality, for there is no energy exchange.


Before we leave this subject, we would note that including the Creator in all that you do is the way to create your life as magical. The Creator is not “out there,” unless you allow the Creator to be far off. The Creator is intimate with you in a very sexual way.

As you move through your everyday chores, invite the Creator to come into your life and power—and mean it—and watch your life transform. You will find yourself exchanging energy in a far more transparent way, and seeing the energy expenditures of others around you. You will feel the energy of the sun and share with that energy, giving your love back to it. And so, an energy exchange is made with the daylight itself. You can do that with each and every thing with which you come in contact

Monday, May 26, 2008

Predictions 2008: The Year of Global Awakening
a message from The Brotherhood of Light channeled by Edna G. Frankel

Saturday, 1 December, 2007

Greetings, dear ones, from the Brotherhood of Light. We are focusing on the year 2008 and scanning potential futures that are occurring all at once. There have been many different predictions about the rising energies on planet Earth—what is happening, when it is happening, where and to whom it is happening. Many voices cry out, “It’s next year! No, it’s in two years! No, it’s right on schedule!” This is very tiring, don’t you think? As with trying to guess which day is a “portal day” and when is the best time to meditate to “get somewhere,” you have no idea where you’re going, right? [Chuckles.] Ah, children, the whole point is to enjoy the process, not to worry about it! The Earth has her own timetable and another five years of shifting to do before she reaches a new electromagnetic balance in the fullness of the photon belt.

As above, so below. Yes, as you are a meld of Spirit and matter, so you are linked to the planet and to her ascent. As we have said before, each one of you will reach the opening of your awareness in your own space and time. Are you doing your daily practice? If you are, whatever your favorite meditation is, you will never miss a single portal day or special energetic event. You will be rising along with the Earth’s energies, as long as you keep your jaw joints open to allow excess internal pressure to flow down and out your meridians, making room for new, clean energy to enter your system. As we teach in the Circle of Grace material, the true benefit of any meditation, sedentary or in motion, comes from doing it regularly!

The best advice we can offer you for the coming year is to be strong in your spiritual convictions. The year 2006 we labeled “The Year of New Intent,” followed by 2007, “The Year of Spiritual Discernment.” In 2008, you will be called upon not only to walk your talk but also to stand your ground in dramas at every level, from the personal to the global. From our perspective, we see it as the “Year of Global Awakening.” Those of you who have been following the millennium shift since the late 1980s are tired of waiting! Those who have become seekers since the year 2000 are gobbling up as much learning as they can. Imagine, in 2008, how the Earth’s energies will shift when millions of people start realizing that the crazy weather and politics do indeed have a broader meaning. The year 2008 is when you will all start to wake up to the fact that global warming is upon you, and a lot more people are going to start praying.

Ground Your Light Wherever You Are

Dear reader, please remember that your world is the illusion, not the true reality. It matters not if you devoutly believe in the millennium shift or are becoming aware of the imminent dangers of global warming. The cosmic joke here is that the effects of both are dovetailing into one scenario! Some will say that the shift is becoming palpable; others will say that the climactic anomalies of global warming are becoming more pronounced. It matters not which you believe in; just know that by 2012, the effects of both will be clearly evident. The divine plan is incredible in its intricacy, is it not? [Chuckles.] It covers all levels of belief in order to propel your lessons forward.

Which lessons? Oh, dear ones, life is more precious than gold or oil. Saving people is more important than killing people. Even if the majority of the world’s population never hears about the millennium shift, the work you lightworkers are doing at a very high energetic level will be mirrored by the thousands of people who are currently involved, and will become involved, in search and rescue and saving lives. Since more than half the world’s population lives in coastal areas, the poorer native populations will be the hardest hit and most helpless. We are not speaking here just about disastrous weather events, but also the effects of changing weather patterns that you have never seen before. Do not go into fear over this, dear readers; it is not a question of moving to a safer place, because the entire planet is changing. Rather, it is a matter of grounding your light wherever you are and holding that space to anchor the higher energies.

Another factor that will speed up global awakening is the information coming from beyond your atmosphere, as your satellites and telescopes pick up more evidence of galactic changes occurring. Yes, more changes in the gravity and the magnetic fields of the Sun and the other planets in your solar system will be seen and wondered about. Thanks to the efforts of many scientists (and a few politicians), much information about global warming will be released that had been suppressed in many countries. Once the weather changes take priority over political and financial squabbles, people will begin to see the futility and waste of war. Your resources, money and manpower will need to be redirected to saving people rather than killing one another. By 2008, you will see a worldwide exhaustion regarding war and the old, fear-based politics. That old fear will pale in significance compared to the mounting climactic problems. People from all walks of life will start demanding that their governments listen and obey, instead of the other way around.

A New American President with Integrity and Compassion

Part of the awakening of the masses will occur as people reclaim their individual power instead of bowing to their old, fear-based societal traditions. We are speaking here of both East and West, because they must meet and agree, just as enough people, must demand change before science and spirituality can meet and merge. If you look carefully, most of the governmental and religious leaders are older adults engrained with lessons from the Cold War—the us-orthem mentality. Major change will come from the ranks of younger adults, the children of the baby boomer generation, as they move up into influential positions in big business and politics. Through and beyond 2012, they will bring in the new, higher perspective of “all one” people and what is best for the common good.

There will be clear evidence of this in 2008, when the people of the United States elect a new president. After two presidential terms (eight years) of lies, deceit and cover-ups, the whole world will breathe a sigh of relief when the Bush regime ends. We do see good potential for the war in Iraq to begin winding down by then. In many unexpected ways, this leader has been positively influential in swaying that nation’s politics toward the good of the masses. Between the futile and embarrassing war in Iraq, the inept foreign policies and the erosion of democratic rights of the American citizenry, people are looking for something better, more noble, more wholesome and more intelligent in their next leader. Yes, in contrast to Bush’s total disregard for the wellbeing of his populace, the next president elected in 2008 will have clear, recognizable spiritual integrity and compassion. This new president will have a great impact on global politics and will help shed light on many governmental inequities around the world. He will help raise the bar on what is morally correct and work toward global consensus on many important issues.

A Shift in Global Priorities

This same trend of pursuing a higher moral ground will be seen in all countries. Dear ones, if everything global seems to be getting worse, be heartened! The old, fearbased ways of warring and dealing must play themselves out at the planetary level. There will also be new, younger leaders emerging in the Middle East in the next few years who will greatly help to bring peace to a very political hot spot on your planet. Even the Arab countries that are Muslimrun will be forced to clean up their act and take better care of their citizens. Africa will have more need of foreign aid and foreign influence to stop the civil wars and mass killings. What you will see is a gradual restructuring of wealth and assets around the world as more truth becomes known and as the global priorities shift from “us and them” to “all of us.” Do you see the difference? Do you understand what huge leverage is needed to nudge the human consciousness from a stance of “service to self” to “service to others”?

That huge leverage happens one heart at a time, one commitment at a time—one person shifting in his or her own time to affect all those around. That leverage will be greatly aided by the speeding up of global warming. It may take a game of “guilt, blame and shame” to make governments bow to public demand, but there is great potential for this as the “old guard” is replaced by younger, more idealistic and heart-centered leaders. Here we are talking beyond 2008, into the shift itself and afterward. To you, “peace” may mean that no one is fighting anymore.

But that is only the first step! Then the oppressed areas of the world must be invigorated with food, water, basic needs and education so that those people can have a goal besides just staying alive. The best antidote to poverty and oppression is training people to do something productive, giving them the opportunity to learn a trade and provide for their families. Living in harmony means much more than a “stop shooting!” policy. Giving people a chance to make something of their lives, sharing resources so that none suffer—that is truly heaven on Earth.

Yes, we are speaking of societal and cultural developments beyond 2008. The more you know about your future goals and the more you can itemize the steps and details, the better your manifestations will be! But again we will remind you that you create what you focus on. To pray for global peace from a stance of fear is useless, dear ones, for you are contributing to the darkness rather than the light. Just keep sending your loving light out to the world, without judgment! By 2008 many more dark things that were hidden will come up to the light of public scrutiny.

Increased Scrutiny of Insurance and Drug Companies

You have already seen much corruption come to light in the private business sector, putting those responsible in jail and leaving many people out of work and out of retirement funds. Now the light of truth and compassion is being focused on the governmental level, revealing much manipulation, lying, theft and deceit. Another arena on which light will be shed is the drug and insurance companies.

Again, the old way of giving over your power to others will be questioned. The large insurance companies will come under scrutiny in countries that have privatized medicine. This imbalance of people getting adequate medical care only if they can afford it leaves millions of poor people unable to get help when they need it. The stranglehold that insurance companies have on both patients and doctors must change, for it is an unfortunate mismanagement of health care. Socialized medicine, too, will come under scrutiny for different reasons, but with the same goal: getting people adequate medical attention when they need it, without waiting months at a time.

Meanwhile, doctors are being overtaxed by insurance paperwork and limited by the insurance companies in what they can prescribe. When insurance companies are in charge of what a doctor can or cannot do, the result is sad for all people involved. Some patients are not getting adequate medical care, and doctors are not allowed to practice medicine as they were trained to do. Also, medical malpractice insurance has become such an overblown system that in some countries it is literally putting doctors out of business. After years of training and years of medical practice, some doctors cannot afford the local malpractice insurance and are being forced to either move or retire. Insurance companies are in need of major moral restructuring, as are drug companies, in order to serve the needs of the people, rather than just milking people to make as much profit as they can.

Dear reader, please understand that we applaud all the medical advancements you have made and the development of many life-saving medications, as well. But sadly, pharmaceutical companies in many countries are so powerful that they can create a new illness for people to “buy into” just because they have developed a new drug. If you do research on attention deficit disorder, for example, you will find no information at all on ADD or ADHD before 1975. Why? Because that was when Ritalin was developed. Since then, millions of children and adults have been medicated with Ritalin and similar drugs that have made great profits for the drug companies. We are not discussing the value of this particular medication, we are just using it as an example of how people are easily swayed by governmental and medical approval of these drugs, and even by drug commercials on television. Again, this is another old, fear-based way of doing business that must be restructured in a more ethical way. Health care must become heart-based, not profitbased. Though it will take some years beyond 2008 before true change comes, you will see the need for change and the seeds of change happening this year.

Global Warming and Global Illnesses

Around the world, weather and politics will clash, showing the need for major changes. Since more than half of the world’s population lives in coastal regions, the poorest will be the hardest hit. These weather anomalies will also affect crop growth, and thus food supplies. Long droughts in some areas and floods in others areas will become more common. As the seasons shift away from their prior patterns, some parts of the globe will see longer spring-summer weather, whereas others will have more consistent cold weather. This distortion in nature will cause many illnesses to flare up. As global warming brings us higher temperatures, there will be more time for insects to live and reproduce. Malaria, encephalitis and dengue fever may spread again, affecting the poorest populations in the hottest climates.

Even now, many people are suffering an intensity of allergies due to extended pollen seasons. Some are becoming intolerant of chemical additives or developing lateonset allergies and asthma. Many lightworkers who are clearing illness patterns from their bodies through holistic work are finding those illnesses cropping up one more time. Or symptoms may appear, but nothing for which a doctor can pinpoint a cause. That is why we urge you to become conscientious consumers, do research, get a second or third opinion and then decide which therapies are appropriate for you. Use the tools that both the medical and holistic fields offer you in order to get healthy. As we have said in earlier Circle of Grace work, the more you clear your PEMS layers with a daily practice, the stronger and healthier you will feel. The best way to gracefully weather the energetic changes of the shift is to have a daily practice, in some form, to keep you grounded and able to assimilate each rise in frequency without getting sick.

Numerologically, 2008 Will Be a Year for New Beginnings

Numerologically, 2007 has been a “nine” year (2+7=9). Nine is the number of mastery, the number of completion. Many lightworkers who diligently built their future work saw the fruits of their accomplishments begin to bloom in 2007. The year 2008 is a “one” year (2+8=10=1). Yes, one is the number of the pioneer, the number of new beginnings, the number of new changes coming in to transform old structures. Take heart, you dear lightworkers who are still seeking your true home and true gifts—a one year is perfect for beginning new things!

We remind you here that each person shifts in his or her own time and in his or her own way. Although the metaphysical movement worldwide may be a small percentage of the total population, you are gaining strength from the new energies pouring down upon your planet. Expect to start seeing miracles in holistic work as practitioners hone their skills and blend their tools to greater and greater effect. Doctors will be slower to accept the healings that come from energetic therapies, but as the evidence mounds up they will eventually come to see a need for both allopathic and homeopathic alternatives in general medicine. This too will take many years to develop, but you will begin to see the seeds of it planted in 2008. Remember, dear lightworkers, that as the energies get stronger, so do you! That is why we are teaching you the value of being a clear instrument for those energies to pour through.

Balancing Inner Male and Female Aspects

The biggest change we see coming in 2008 is a shift away from war toward finding peaceful solutions for problems, both local and global. As global warming captures the attention of the media, terrorism will fall back to being the extremist criminal act that it truly is. All of these extremes—or polarities, if you will—will be revealed as such. Polarization of all kinds will be scrutinized and found lacking in balance, and therefore lacking in moral integrity. The idea that all is one will emerge as you all become brothers and sisters on the same planet. The entire metaphysical shift, dear ones, is occurring to ground the idea of just that, so that the effects of your work will flower after the shift. Please don’t be discouraged if you still seem to be taking baby steps instead of striding full-tilt into your new future. It takes time to raise the consciousness of an entire planet!

When you embrace unity, or all is one, you must go even deeper than balancing the male and female relationships in your life. What do you think an acceleration in your DNA will cause to happen? Among other things, it will require you to balance your inner female and male sides. Yes, dominant and nondominant, yin and yang, positive and negative—you need to make peace with your own inner male and female aspects and heal them back into balance. Remember, you have been both man and woman in so many lifetimes that you have experienced a wide range of life experience as seen from either perspective.

Are you surprised that we used the word “perspective” in regard to you being male or female? Well, being in that body pretty much defines your role, more or less. But remember, your higher self is not male or female, for your eternal self has no need of a body. We of the Brotherhood are nonphysical, no matter what you call us or how you choose to depict us. Gender in the nonphysical realms is like adding spices to your soup; it is a subtle nuance of flavor that makes the meal exquisite! Our world is one of vibrations, of frequency rather than form. How we express ourselves energetically is our unique chord within the body of God. And remember, God is one force, the highest level of pure, unconditional, all-encompassing love. Truly, God has no gender either! [Chuckles.]

An Influx of Divine Feminine Energy

And yet in the past few years you have defined a much higher level of feminine energies reaching your planet for the first time. Whether you call her the Divine Mother, Quan Yin or Mother Goddess, we agree that these energies have come, and they have been much needed to balance the inequality in human awareness between men and women. The shift to patriarchal rule made this a planet of great contrast and accelerated life lessons for all peoples. Part of the ascension process will require men to open their hearts and women to open their throats. Yes, in the next few years, dear practitioners, you will see many women clients with chakra pair two and five (navel and throat) needing care. Men will tend toward blockage in the three-four chakra pair (solar plexus and heart). Many female lightworkers began clearing the throat chakra in 2006 and working on the two-five pair throughout 2007. Yes, that is how long it can take to clear out not only genetic patterns, but imprinted patterns as well.

By “imprinted,” we mean that the life you are leading was chosen by your higher self before you were born. Your parents were chosen as the best to further the lessons your soul sought to learn. Each life is outlined beforehand: male or female; wealthy, poor or in-between; religious orientation; opportunity potentials; and lastly, race. You cycle through many societies and religions in life after life to experience their lessons from both male and female perspectives. Your higher self blends this incoming learning and gains more wisdom about the true essence of love. By further dividing you into male and female, there is twice as much potential for learning about love on your planet!

No matter where you were born or which family or society you were born into, you all have the potential to redefine yourselves as God in human form, to rise above the limited lives you have lived in dense expression. Learning to let go of all the painful parts of your past is vital to raising your vibration out of that density. You have done a very good job on the spiritual, mental and emotional levels. We are so proud of you! Now, in the last quarter of the millennium shift, the rising energies will require you to clear your physical body as well.

Congratulations! You are down to the core work. One last time, dear hearts, we encourage you to have a daily practice; to get enough exercise and sleep; to drink lots of water; and to eat small, simple meals as often as you get hungry. When you listen to and honor what your body needs, you will become more grounded, centered and peaceful. Although drama and crisis may swirl around you, it will not touch or affect you. You will walk in and out of 3D pockets of life and pass by without notice. Yes, dear budding, harmless masters, Christ consciousness walking the Earth, we bless each and every one of you. You are all God, and you are all dearly beloved by God. We are, in all love, the Brotherhood of Light.