Sunday, December 5, 2010

Breathing rooms...

Great website, a fantastic design, interactive website to show you, how to breath/meditate. You can choose colors, intentions... I spent a few minutes meditating with it!

We were 5 people, from America and Europe, meditating simultaneously.

Check it at

Goal: to gather millions meditating together in 11th November 2012

Reminds me of another similar project - meditate for 11 evenings, for 11 minutes,

Friday, November 12, 2010

Buddhism and the Noble Eightfold Path

It is very simple. Live in the moment, live from the heart, effortless action and practice the right living.

Four Noble Truths

1. Suffering exists
2. Suffering arises from attachment to desires
3. Suffering ceases when attachment to desire ceases
4. Freedom from suffering is possible by practicing the Eightfold Path

Noble Eightfold Path

Three Qualities Eightfold Path
Wisdom (panna) Right View

Right Thought
Morality (sila) Right Speech

Right Action

Right Livelihood
Meditation (samadhi) Right Effort

Right Mindfulness

Right Contemplation

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

LAW OF ATRACTION, very important to remember...

Often people get fascinated and motivated to understand and apply the Law of Attraction. However, people become frustated because it does not work. Why? Well, because they are creating expectations.

Remember to feel positive, and remembesr to feel gratitude!
Gratitude and contentment in your life. General joy. Stop and listen to what you TRULY want. Then, act on that. Feel again the joy. That' a very important step!

Now please feel happy because know you already know what your heart wishes, you have taken action, and you recognize you feel joy for that decision. But be honest, don't honest that which your heart truly does not believe in. You can only get what you believe in. And you cannot change your believes, rationally. That doesn't work that way.

What does the Law of Attraction works?
  1. First. Know what you want.
  2. Ask (Intention/feeling/visualization) the universe for it.
  3. Feel, behave and know as if the object of your desire is on its way.
  4. Be open to receive it and let go of (the attachment) the outcome (openness, flowness, release)
Key steps: do not force it, that creates attachment. Ask in as much joy as possible and do not struggle to a must have it or a must manifest it. To know what you want, just follow your heart, what you think it ressonates higher!


Three relevant exercises (Law of Attraction):

1) First one, recognize that ALL POSSIBILITIES are POSSIBLE.
In fact all possibilites DO already exist metaphysically, in some astral or mental realm. Become AWARE of that, that is REAL ALREADY, CHOOSE it, FEEL it, LET it flow, RELEASE, do NOT attach. Particularly focus in those possibilities that you would feel truly happy to experience. This is really critical. Understanding the Law of Attraction is this.

Don't forget to take action! Whether it is the welfare of a relationship, then work on it. If it's looking for a good job, then apply for that which would make you truly happy. This painless and effortless action is important!

A good exercise is Visualization. Meditate on the fact that all possibilities are real, contemplate your possibilities. Practice nearly everyday, as you do a visualization/dream/goal board. Visualize not only goals, but beyond that a state of being of joy, harmony, that you receive what is most positive and of light. Be open for new possibilities. Particularly if you are unsure about what to do. Visualize what a particular scenario could bring, and decide accordingly.

2) Second is to practice you as a transmitter of a very positive, flowing and manifesting energy. Visualize this for instance while in the city or in a shopping center, or in the nature. As you become more clear, you will become more aware of that which truly makes you happy, and as you become happy, you will attract those things easier! This is Law of Attraction working.

3) Most important exercise: experience yourself as a gatekeeper of the energies that come to yourself. Become aware along a day of ALL of things that come to you (externally and internally) and let only the positive things enter yourself and ressonate. This way, you are removing all elements of fear that hinder the manifestation process. Such as:

A) One is for example not believing that one scenario is possible (exercise number 1). Yes, all possibilities are possible and real, so if you do not manifest become assured that it is only because you do not believe it, in some (unconscious) way. If you feel doubts, release them. Take your best action to ensure your wishes, and then don't create expectations.

B) Another possibility is that we have one believe that overcomes another. For example, the desire of more freedom imposes over the desire of prosperity and having a job. The trick is to break free of the limiting belief (a prosperity job hinders freedom, or freedom requires to not have a job) and be inspired to find a solution, recognize a possibility for both, and feel it. This might require contemplation and deep honesty within us, to find out what we truly wish.

C) Do not be impulsive to confirm that we already are receiving the scenario we desire. Like planting a seed and observing everyday if is sprouting by digging it up. No. Stop. The key is patience, trust. And no expectation (attachment removes the flowingness element that is critical). For a while, you should actually forget about training the Law of Attraction! Just concentrate in keeping a open happy state (a higher vibration attracts easier).

D) Number four: CRITICAL. Do not ignore the negative emotions and doubts. But do not also manifest them but speaking about them everyday. Better. Recognize that these are just a signal that we do not believe it fully in the whole spectrum of possibilities. That doubt is not good. But recognizing the possibility as a possible reality yes is good. Then, stop attaching to the idea. Begin flowing. And the doubts disappear. This is important. If you don't see it working, work on something else, that also makes you happy. The key is to remain in a happy positive state.

E) Do not dismiss the small steps of the universe, like a smile, an idea from someone, a call, etc. These are signs of the manifestation process ongoing. Even the negative emotions are the sign to change and recogning the possibilities and let go of attachment.
Recognizing and appreciating the driftwood allows you to then choose how to re-direct your ship. If you feel negative about your sign of land, then it's your inner beings way of telling you that you are heading for unfriendly waters. You want to change your intentions and attention or suffer a shipwreck on savage land. The signs are all around us!

F) Do not commit to this just half-hearted. This is a thing of your life, so become fully immersed on it. This is an energy to keep the whole day, the whole week, the whole year, the whole decade! Anyway if you truly wish to be happy, you don't even need to think about it!

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How to open our chakras

A good way is to meditate in the body point of each chakra.

You can do some mantras for each chakra, such as "yam" for the heart chakra, "ham" for the throat chakra, "om" for the sixth chakra.
Do a bit and then contemplate the feeling of each chakra.
But don't force or expect, let it appear naturally.

From my experience, this is what I feel (roughly):
  • Physical needs, sensation of safety are an expression of first chakra.
  • Powerful sensations of sexuality and emotions are an expression of second chakra. Strong sensation in your belly. The sexual sensation at your genitals relates to first chakra, but when lovemaking, you can also feel strong emotional energy at your second chakra/belly. If there is strong love and bond involved, you can also feel strong sensations in your heart (fourth chakra) when lovemaking.
  • Self-awareness, identity, confidence, will, are an expression of third chakra. This is at the stomach. When you are nervous to take action, that stomach belly sensation occurs at both second and third chakras. While playing, having fun, you can feel this feeling at the stomach too. This is a center of joy and happiness. Or if you feel "important" or proud.
  • Devotion and love, understanding and compassion, are expression of the fourth chakra. Strong sensation at the chess.
  • Spiritual insight and communication, are from the fifth chakra. This is a center of criativity. You can feel sometimes sensations at the throat area, if you feel really inspired by something, or simply inspired, or self-realization.
  • Powerful meditative focus, visions, is sixth chakra. You might feel a pressure slighty above your nose.
  • Feeling the connection to oneness, is seventh chakra. You might feel some light and waving sensation over the top of your head.
EDIT - SEX AND CHAKRAS: males have their sexual organs in the first chakra, while females have their sexual organs in their second chakra, thats the reason why men tend to be more physical in relationship to sex, while women are more emotional. Therefore both chakras relate to sexual energy. A higher form of lovemaking would direct the energy from the first and second chakra to the fourth chakra

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

After 2012, a compassion school for souls. Learning how to live a NEW LIFE!

I have finally solved, with the help of the forum bring4th, about the confusion surrounding the GRADUAL versus SUDDEN transformation, between 3D and 4D.

In fact there is no transition, because 3D cannot become 4D.
4D is an altogether separate density, than that of 3D
4D is already born and will be populated from 2012 after.

Life in 3D continues after 2012. 2013 will be life as usual.
However, during next 300-700 years, 3D becomes uninhabitable.
We must assume some dramatic earth changes will occur gradually.

During next decades, we will finish our harvest/choice STO or STS, and focus in clearing the Earth of our unsustainable behaviours and creating a new way of living. There must be indeed great changes ahead!!

This is probably the preliminary 4D STO work. For other individuals who haven't made their harvest, this will a time to learn caring, compassion, both for otherselves and for the planet.

It seems therefore, that the next decades will be such a learning school. Possibly our society will collapse and will be reorganized around the new model of sustainable intentional communities, back-to-the-land homesteads, and eco-villages.

These are the early beginnings of a future STO 4D civilization.

At the same time, we see an increasing polarization of STS forces and individuals, but this will fade away gradually in the decades following 2012, as society restructures.

Eventually, your planet will no longer be able to sustain the evolutionary energy necessary to live a third-density life. Once this has occurred and there are no longer any third-density entities dwelling on the planet, fourth density will indeed become able not only to interpenetrate third density but to appear. At this point in its development, all of fourth density chooses not to appear. It chooses to remain as an unseen energy in order to allow the third-density entities to complete their patterns.

You cannot become a fourth-density entity within third density. However you would be surprised how deep a change that you can make in the life of your body, as well as your mind and your spirit, by disciplining your thoughts.

Fourth density already exists. It is a very sound and healthy child. It is a new heaven and a new Earth. And it is being filled more and more each day with those who have ascended, in the natural way of things, from planet Earth through the gateway of death.

Your Earth shall become, in the fullness of time, a fourth-density positive planet. However, there is a golden period that is coming for your people. It is a time when those entities who have graduated third density and who are very concerned with the karmic patterns of their past are going to be able to create a time of restitution on planet Earth.

It will be a difficult time. It will be a challenging time. For the technology that you have currently created will not be adequate to the needs of the future. You will be creating new ways to do things. But the energy that is among you will clear tremendously from that which you are experiencing at this time. Those entities among you at this time that are attempting to graduate service to self will have moved on. Those entities who remain upon the planet shall be those positively-oriented entities whose concerns involve restitution to this planet.

There is another group of entities who shall be upon your planet for some time into the future if they so choose. These are entities who are not able to graduate into fourth density, or higher densities if they were wanderers, but who yet feel that karmic pull and wish to make restitution. Those include many who are alive at this time, and you will find that many entities will be attempting more and more to refocus upon the needs of the planet and its resources. They will be wishing to clean its water, its air, and its soil.

These entities are hoping not to graduate but rather to go to a kind of summer school, if you will, where they can free themselves of the habit of carelessness. For it is a careless thing to misuse the environment. It is also a careless thing to misuse people, relationships, societal entities and groups.

So this is a time of great excitement and hope upon your planet. Many are attempting to graduate. And many who do not feel that they can graduate at this time are attempting to make restitution so that they are free of the karma of having destroyed or hurt the planetary beings upon which they lived in the past.

This is how we see your present moment, not as one in which there will be a sudden change but one in which the changes are continuous and metaphysical in nature rather than physical.

Life after 2012 goes on as usual - Nothing extraordinary happens

From Quo challenings, we realize that life on planet Earth will be similar after 2012. Nothing extraordinary will happen.

Maybe during the next decades, we will feel an increased intuition (as the veil between 3D and 4D thins), and probably dramatic changes in our society. These are well detailed in my other blog Astrological Transits.

But it's not the end of the world, and it's not a sudden transition or ascension to another reality. Life goes on as usual.

2012. Nothing extraoridinary happens. 4D is born but invisible. 3D is fading away. We live until our natural deaths.
  • 3D and 4D cannot co-exist simultaneously. They are different. And 3D cannot become 4D within our 3D reality. 4D is an altogether separate reality, being born at this time and remaining invisible to us. 3D is fading away. We must die to be transfered from 3D into 4D.
  • Life on Earth in 2013 will be similar to that on 2012 or 2011. To allow 3D entities (we) to finish naturally our lives. We will also still be giving birth to 3D individuals.
  • However, our third-density Earth (this reality) will become uninhabitable in the next 300 years. At this point, 4D will interpenetrate 3D and become visible to this reality.

The harvest. Service to others versus service to self
After death, we might reincarnate in 4D STO Earth
  • Currently, we are making a choice: service to others, service to self, or no choice.
  • We will live normally after 2012. After death, we reincarnate accordingly to our choice. Service to others will reincarnate in fourth-density Earth (a completely separate reality).
  • All focus should be in the Here and Now. We should live our lives naturally. Many of us will be focusing on cleaning our karma, repairing the planet Earth, and take care for each other.
  • This way we are building the foundations for a service to others 4D life. This is the harvest: individuals are developing forward their choice.

Third-density Earth is nested within fourth-density Earth. It is not the same Earth as fourth-density Earth. Third-density Earth will not become fourth-density Earth, any more than first-density Earth became second-density Earth, or second-density Earth became third-density Earth. These densities are nested in such a way as to occupy the same area or influence within space/time and time/space, held lovingly by the overarching energy field of your sun.

Third-density Earth is an Earth whose light is waning. While it will remain third-density, it will no longer support third-density entities in their seeking of the truth. Thusly, third density is shortly to become inactive, we would say, within three or four hundred of your years beyond 2012. Thusly, 2013 upon your planet will look very much like 2012 upon your planet. However, you will find that your population of entities grows more and more interested and fascinated with the reparation of the Earth and the healing of what you call your Mother Earth or Gaia.

Those who incarnate at this time upon Planet Earth, that is, after 2012, will be those whose experiences in other incarnations have carried with them an element of adhering karma because of the destruction of their Earth, whether it be this Earth and the destruction of Atlantis, or Maldek, or Mars, or several other Earths that created an uninhabitable third-density planet and thusly needed to finish third density upon Planet Earth. There are quite a few millions of those who feel that desire at this time to be part of the healing of the Mother. And there is great joy in contemplating that healing.

Fourth-density Earth is an entirely different sphere, within which third density is nested. And as fourth-density light becomes that which your sun is capable of offering, that fourth-density Earth shall more and more become populated by those from third-density Earth who have graduated in a positive sense and wish to move on. It will be a long time before entities who are inhabiting third density will be able to see entities of fourth density. However, they are as real and as physical, shall we say, to themselves and to fourth-density Earth as you are to your Earth.

We realize that this is one of the less comfortable or naturally obvious concepts having to do with the concept of densities. It is natural for a person to think that this same Earth upon which your feet make footsteps shall become fourth density and that on this same Earth, fourth density shall take place. However, we would suggest to you that it is much like wanting to take your physical body with you when you pass from physical life upon this planet and hoping to drag what this instrument would call this chemical distillery of a body into fourth density and attempt to lug it around when everyone else is dancing with a much lighter and electrically driven rather than chemically driven body.

More to follow soon

Thursday, February 11, 2010

What happens in 2012 and afterwards?

The years leading up to 2012 and afterwards, not only relate to a significant (but less visible) spiritual revolution, but also ammount to great changes in our society.
Those changes are powerful, and are due to this next decade, like the ticking of the clock.

You can refer to my astrology astrotransits blog for a detail of this (see link below), but first think for a moment, whether this has not already start.

A great change is already occuring. The economic crises is unfolding, and this creates unemployment and stirs change in society and into our personal lives. This brings an opportunity to search for a more fulfilling occupation, and to get closer to our loved ones in the complicated times.

In addition, this crises also allows to expose the old political manipulation, power greedy behaviors and corruption schemes that were binding us down. Meanwhile, many are turning their awareness away from all this mess. Turning off the TV. This is a LIBERATION step.

Many are meditating and finding inner tranquility. Many are seeking alternative methods of healing, and understanding of body, mind and soul. Many are seeking unconventional careers, lifestyles, and open and honest relationships.

Many are opening their hearts. Shifting from materialism to people-value. From troubled living to simple living. From worries about the future to living in the moment. From getting in touch with our intuition. From city to nature. From busy living to our favourite and soulful hobbies.

Isn't this an inner revolution? Perhaps this liberation has also occured during the sixties, but now it is extending forward. A new GENERATION is devoted to clean the Earth, and I guess that after a while, they will also want to clean the governments and the economies.

The reality of an inner world will be made so clear, as it is psychology nowadays. Psychology was only recognized a few decades ago. And in a few decades, the reality of having a purpose in life, of being an incarnated soul, will made its way into the mainstream. When that happens, we will shift from loneliness to companionship. We will seek to meet each other, and show our true selves.

Humanity has chosen this time to be a great ending to our current civilization. I do not say it lightly. This depends our our choices. I don't know the future. Hopefully, this will be the great beggining of our mature and fresh new civilization, one that recognizes the beauty of its planets, its people, and the importance to protect these.

From a spiritual perspective, the evolution is not going forward by our own will. That would be a great misunderstanding. Evolution goes forward by a sort of "divine plan", by metaphysical cycles and forces, by astrological influence, by an increase in vibratory energy.

By 2012, a significant (but subtle) shift in energy occurs. Revolution (these revolutions we spoke) will gather speed and intensity. The turning point occurs from a metaphysical perspective as mass events and mass change occurs in our planet afterwards.

2012 marks the end of 3D energy, as it shifts gradually into early 4D energy. This is a shift from the vibration of self-awareness and ego to the vibration of love, compassion and liberating emotion. This is an energy of truth and clarity, and of common purpose.

It is a very early beginning, and a very subtle birth. We will not levitate into the thin air, immediately, but after a few centuries, this could be a great probability! There can be some intense earth changes, like weather and geological phenomena, but not the sort of Hollywood style, rest in peace! However, centuries passing by and after about 300-700 years, our 3D Earth will become uninhabitable. The global changes will be probably revolutionary, and so there will be our personal ones. Hopefully (and most likely), the world will be a much more harmonious place in about 20 years.

Feel free to read more mundane details of these global changes on:

Meanwhile, don't forget: do not live thinking about the future, but instead live the present.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Four Laws of Creation

You exist. One form or another, but you exist. Can't change that.
All are One, and One is all. Can't change that.
What you put forward is what you get back. Can't change that.
Change is the only constant (except for the other three laws!)

Our rule, within the all's life purpose, is to be ourselves, the part we have created in this life.
This life is an adventure, an excitement. To enhance every aspect of our being.
So, we should remember, whenever we feel down, heavier, not so well, that we can enlighten, feel lighter, don't carry the others's heavy baggage.

2012 is around the moment where the collective momentuum of positiveness in humanity exceedes that of negativity, and so it greates relieves our world, and fills it with positiveness from that moment onwards.

So, when we choose a different alternative reality that is much positiveness, it's not the world that changes, it is ourselves, the world only adjusts to a possibility that already exists. In time, the incompatibilities of other peoples, other worldly events, that seem to be incompatible with us, will dissolve and fade away.

Let go of the idea that we need to be someone
Let go of the idea that things have to done in a certain way