Tuesday, October 26, 2010

LAW OF ATRACTION, very important to remember...

Often people get fascinated and motivated to understand and apply the Law of Attraction. However, people become frustated because it does not work. Why? Well, because they are creating expectations.

Remember to feel positive, and remembesr to feel gratitude!
Gratitude and contentment in your life. General joy. Stop and listen to what you TRULY want. Then, act on that. Feel again the joy. That' a very important step!

Now please feel happy because know you already know what your heart wishes, you have taken action, and you recognize you feel joy for that decision. But be honest, don't honest that which your heart truly does not believe in. You can only get what you believe in. And you cannot change your believes, rationally. That doesn't work that way.

What does the Law of Attraction works?
  1. First. Know what you want.
  2. Ask (Intention/feeling/visualization) the universe for it.
  3. Feel, behave and know as if the object of your desire is on its way.
  4. Be open to receive it and let go of (the attachment) the outcome (openness, flowness, release)
Key steps: do not force it, that creates attachment. Ask in as much joy as possible and do not struggle to a must have it or a must manifest it. To know what you want, just follow your heart, what you think it ressonates higher!


Three relevant exercises (Law of Attraction):

1) First one, recognize that ALL POSSIBILITIES are POSSIBLE.
In fact all possibilites DO already exist metaphysically, in some astral or mental realm. Become AWARE of that, that is REAL ALREADY, CHOOSE it, FEEL it, LET it flow, RELEASE, do NOT attach. Particularly focus in those possibilities that you would feel truly happy to experience. This is really critical. Understanding the Law of Attraction is this.

Don't forget to take action! Whether it is the welfare of a relationship, then work on it. If it's looking for a good job, then apply for that which would make you truly happy. This painless and effortless action is important!

A good exercise is Visualization. Meditate on the fact that all possibilities are real, contemplate your possibilities. Practice nearly everyday, as you do a visualization/dream/goal board. Visualize not only goals, but beyond that a state of being of joy, harmony, that you receive what is most positive and of light. Be open for new possibilities. Particularly if you are unsure about what to do. Visualize what a particular scenario could bring, and decide accordingly.

2) Second is to practice you as a transmitter of a very positive, flowing and manifesting energy. Visualize this for instance while in the city or in a shopping center, or in the nature. As you become more clear, you will become more aware of that which truly makes you happy, and as you become happy, you will attract those things easier! This is Law of Attraction working.

3) Most important exercise: experience yourself as a gatekeeper of the energies that come to yourself. Become aware along a day of ALL of things that come to you (externally and internally) and let only the positive things enter yourself and ressonate. This way, you are removing all elements of fear that hinder the manifestation process. Such as:

A) One is for example not believing that one scenario is possible (exercise number 1). Yes, all possibilities are possible and real, so if you do not manifest become assured that it is only because you do not believe it, in some (unconscious) way. If you feel doubts, release them. Take your best action to ensure your wishes, and then don't create expectations.

B) Another possibility is that we have one believe that overcomes another. For example, the desire of more freedom imposes over the desire of prosperity and having a job. The trick is to break free of the limiting belief (a prosperity job hinders freedom, or freedom requires to not have a job) and be inspired to find a solution, recognize a possibility for both, and feel it. This might require contemplation and deep honesty within us, to find out what we truly wish.

C) Do not be impulsive to confirm that we already are receiving the scenario we desire. Like planting a seed and observing everyday if is sprouting by digging it up. No. Stop. The key is patience, trust. And no expectation (attachment removes the flowingness element that is critical). For a while, you should actually forget about training the Law of Attraction! Just concentrate in keeping a open happy state (a higher vibration attracts easier).

D) Number four: CRITICAL. Do not ignore the negative emotions and doubts. But do not also manifest them but speaking about them everyday. Better. Recognize that these are just a signal that we do not believe it fully in the whole spectrum of possibilities. That doubt is not good. But recognizing the possibility as a possible reality yes is good. Then, stop attaching to the idea. Begin flowing. And the doubts disappear. This is important. If you don't see it working, work on something else, that also makes you happy. The key is to remain in a happy positive state.

E) Do not dismiss the small steps of the universe, like a smile, an idea from someone, a call, etc. These are signs of the manifestation process ongoing. Even the negative emotions are the sign to change and recogning the possibilities and let go of attachment.
Recognizing and appreciating the driftwood allows you to then choose how to re-direct your ship. If you feel negative about your sign of land, then it's your inner beings way of telling you that you are heading for unfriendly waters. You want to change your intentions and attention or suffer a shipwreck on savage land. The signs are all around us!

F) Do not commit to this just half-hearted. This is a thing of your life, so become fully immersed on it. This is an energy to keep the whole day, the whole week, the whole year, the whole decade! Anyway if you truly wish to be happy, you don't even need to think about it!

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accuratepsychicreadings said...

Indeed happiness is the key to everything. How can you attract something if you yourself isn't happy of the way you are living. Smile and the world will smile with you.