Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How to open our chakras

A good way is to meditate in the body point of each chakra.

You can do some mantras for each chakra, such as "yam" for the heart chakra, "ham" for the throat chakra, "om" for the sixth chakra.
Do a bit and then contemplate the feeling of each chakra.
But don't force or expect, let it appear naturally.

From my experience, this is what I feel (roughly):
  • Physical needs, sensation of safety are an expression of first chakra.
  • Powerful sensations of sexuality and emotions are an expression of second chakra. Strong sensation in your belly. The sexual sensation at your genitals relates to first chakra, but when lovemaking, you can also feel strong emotional energy at your second chakra/belly. If there is strong love and bond involved, you can also feel strong sensations in your heart (fourth chakra) when lovemaking.
  • Self-awareness, identity, confidence, will, are an expression of third chakra. This is at the stomach. When you are nervous to take action, that stomach belly sensation occurs at both second and third chakras. While playing, having fun, you can feel this feeling at the stomach too. This is a center of joy and happiness. Or if you feel "important" or proud.
  • Devotion and love, understanding and compassion, are expression of the fourth chakra. Strong sensation at the chess.
  • Spiritual insight and communication, are from the fifth chakra. This is a center of criativity. You can feel sometimes sensations at the throat area, if you feel really inspired by something, or simply inspired, or self-realization.
  • Powerful meditative focus, visions, is sixth chakra. You might feel a pressure slighty above your nose.
  • Feeling the connection to oneness, is seventh chakra. You might feel some light and waving sensation over the top of your head.
EDIT - SEX AND CHAKRAS: males have their sexual organs in the first chakra, while females have their sexual organs in their second chakra, thats the reason why men tend to be more physical in relationship to sex, while women are more emotional. Therefore both chakras relate to sexual energy. A higher form of lovemaking would direct the energy from the first and second chakra to the fourth chakra

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Lurdes said...

In this month I felt really strange and strong chest sensations. Is normal to after that feel I have to cry?

accuratepsychicreadings said...

Really informative stuff you have here. I'll keep this in mind. Good job! :)