Saturday, September 26, 2009

What lies beyond 2012? Predictions

2010-2040: a major period of revolutions with critical long-term significance, a major new political/social ideal, a climax of the inheritance of 1780s revolutions, a major turning point, again a return to a more community, personal and national level intead of global; acceptance of new age/ spirituality/ aliens/ environmentalism starts now, the very gradual destruction of current political structures and powers and major world empires starts now, for the next two centuries
2012 is then a spiritual event, not a physical one. It marks a major period of transformation for our civilization, in our personal lifes (you can see it, can't you?)

2040-2060: probable acceptance of spirituality and alternative energies and medicine, official alien disclosure has at least occurred, possible large scale regional conflict, a few important climatic and geological changes have occured; coexistence of high-tech and green lifestyles, of science and spirituality.

2090: a new long-term (a few decades) societal traansformation, in the style of industrial revolution, now probably much more high-tech, genetic, computer, space and green-based; I would call it the third industrial revolution and new-modern world (alien disclosure has occured, and probably some contact, and our environmental problems are now somewhat confronted): a major age for science and civilization (no world wars have occured) probably due to technological and spiritual exchange; probably centralized computers, databased, news ways of transport, interaction human-computer, teleport, etc...

2190: balance of powers in the world is much different; there are no old world powers, or America; there are no politics!; probable final fall of our western world, maybe due to a large war, natural disaster or maybe just a long-term process; there is no more new world order; there is probably no more notion of a country, perhaps only economic and continental unions; the world is now more scientific-spiritual, liberal and personal than a global political situation. The human mind potencial now should be increase, due to the recent decades of research and personal and spiritual exploration (the idea of telepathy for example). If there are future wars I bet they will be ending here, we will be learning from our nature around this time, and we will hopefully learn; this should be a turning point for world peace from now onwards.

2260: the idea of a free, green equal and peaceful world reaches a official establishment; a culmination and realization of the ideals from the sixties; while there is also a gradual fall of the old industrial currently modern world; and if hasn't happened already, nuclear arms start to disappear; gradual end of british-america perspective starts to fade; gradual end of enviromental and populacional problem in next centuries; gradual end of democratic and economic values; probably a major shift to new philosophies (simple spirituality or cosmic civilization) has occurred in recent decades). ET contact, Higher and good intelligences: if it hasn't occured around 2100, then it will occur now. Human civilization reaches a critical mass: in the next century or two either ascension or galactic integration occurs.
2320 Famine or climatic shift? Revolutions? Ascension?
2420 Society is now very simple or galactic or due to ascension, very different

Friday, September 25, 2009

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

My perspective in star children, indigo children, 2012...

Many people claim to know the truth about 2012.
Many people also claim to see predictions that will happen.
And many people claim to be one of the following:

Light beings
Light warriors
Star child / Indigo child
Ascended alien soul

Well, I agree that our vibrations are slowly increasing and we may be in a long-term (many centuries) spiritual transformation.
But I also agree that many new age people are delusional.
I speak with personal experience, after having related to a few new age friends.
I think many invent false illusions of beauty or catastrophe that are merely they wishful-thinking or security fears.

Yes I had many OBEs and I had what could be memories of alien lifes.
But I am sure about it?

Do I feel like a spiritual warrior? Yes.
Am I sure I am one? No.

Do I feel that 2012 will bing something special? Maybe.
Am I sure? Not at all.

We know so little about our spiritual essence!
Even after years of meditation!

I think it is foolish to jump rushing making uncertain conclusions as it would be spiritual truths. Therefore, that all that I write in my blog with a grain of salt.
I have some visions, I study much material, I come to a few possibilities.
But I don't claim to know the truth.

I feel indeed very happy to not know the truth.
It gives a motivation to search and explore, to set new wishes
To see forward and don't stop our path.
And indeed I believe we are not in Earth to know the truth about the universe, but just realize our potencial as spiritual beings and our potencial to love and understand.

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