Monday, February 28, 2011

Big changes coming?

Just as in July 2008 as the oil prices rose quickly, and there was a big global recession, now we are watching a very fast climbing of oil prices in consequence of the unrest in North Africa and Middle East.

If an uprising happens in Saudi Arabia (and a "day of rage" is schedules for 11 March), this could cause a serious block in oil supply, and make the prices climb even higher than in 2008. This could result in a more serious global depression in 2012 and afterwards, just as I forecast.

At the same time, we are witnessing a wave of revolutions spreading around. In Sudan, Tunis, Egypt, and now Libya and Yemen. Even if this does not result in a worst global economical crises, this uprising wave could easily reach important countries such in Europe (we already see signs of it in Greece, Italy and sometimes in France and the UK). We see the unrest in Belgium, and the economic impasse in Ireland, Portugal and Spain.

This could be well the catalyst to result in a global wave of uprisings around Europe (and even in America and China), for the years following 2012. We know that around 2015, global matters will be much more complicate, and that by 2023, a global wave of revolutions is forecast. We could be watching now the early beginnings of this revolution wave, exactly as predicted in previous posts.

Watch out for this spring. A day of rage in Saudi Arabia on 11th March. If this causes oil prices to climb higher, then by spring echinox, we could be well into a new global crises. This would result in further protests and uprisings by late spring and early autumn.

And we could still have bigger Wikileaks revelations, further climate change extremes, and who knows, a big solar flare, with technological disruptions, at the solar maximum in 2012-2013.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Climate change and going green!

Are all the industries of the world, all the cars and airplanes of the world, all the methane emissions from cattle, all the destruction of forests, does this contribute or not to alter the climate?

Ask yourself: are or are not these things, one by one, positive or detrimental for the planet?
Do you think that they have or not have an effect on the planet atmosphere?

Of course, climate runs in cycle, every scientist knows that. Sun activity varies and so does climate. Oceanic currents vary too. They can aggravate or mitigate our impact, depending on their warming or cooling effect.

But besides that, do these human actions contribute to environmental and climatic alterations, or not? Pause for a moment, and ask and try to answer this question, honestly. Ask it now in your mind.

Just forget all the controversy you have learnt for a while, and think about how much impact do you think our human activities really have on the planet? Maybe it is small after all, or maybe it is big. What do you think?

I think we, humans, are at least causing a lot of sh*t to the planet, by destroying huge forests, and emitting a variety of gases through industry, transportation and cattle. I don't know whether this sh*t is warming, cooling or destabilizing the climate. But I think this lot of massive activities is probably creating havoc on the climate. This needs to change! And now!

Sovereignty and stewardship of the planet require us to learn how to live in environmental-friendly and sustainable ways with our planet.

If you feel inspired to change, go now to the internet, because there are many ways of going green or environmental-friendly: food, energy, housing, transportation, cosmetics, consuming less. The Internet is a massive resource of information, in front of your eyes, and now!

Our actions have an impact on the planet environment and climate, because they are at every planet corner and are growing out of control (picture massive deforestation in the Amazon, picture massive number of cars and industries, picture number of airplanes currently flying, or the massive cattle emissions)

Please, dear brother, don't close your eyes to what is happening. After you acknowledge it, don't be depressed, but engage on positive concrete change. There is much at our responsibility that we can effect. Remember that we are creators too.