Thursday, February 11, 2010

What happens in 2012 and afterwards?

The years leading up to 2012 and afterwards, not only relate to a significant (but less visible) spiritual revolution, but also ammount to great changes in our society.
Those changes are powerful, and are due to this next decade, like the ticking of the clock.

You can refer to my astrology astrotransits blog for a detail of this (see link below), but first think for a moment, whether this has not already start.

A great change is already occuring. The economic crises is unfolding, and this creates unemployment and stirs change in society and into our personal lives. This brings an opportunity to search for a more fulfilling occupation, and to get closer to our loved ones in the complicated times.

In addition, this crises also allows to expose the old political manipulation, power greedy behaviors and corruption schemes that were binding us down. Meanwhile, many are turning their awareness away from all this mess. Turning off the TV. This is a LIBERATION step.

Many are meditating and finding inner tranquility. Many are seeking alternative methods of healing, and understanding of body, mind and soul. Many are seeking unconventional careers, lifestyles, and open and honest relationships.

Many are opening their hearts. Shifting from materialism to people-value. From troubled living to simple living. From worries about the future to living in the moment. From getting in touch with our intuition. From city to nature. From busy living to our favourite and soulful hobbies.

Isn't this an inner revolution? Perhaps this liberation has also occured during the sixties, but now it is extending forward. A new GENERATION is devoted to clean the Earth, and I guess that after a while, they will also want to clean the governments and the economies.

The reality of an inner world will be made so clear, as it is psychology nowadays. Psychology was only recognized a few decades ago. And in a few decades, the reality of having a purpose in life, of being an incarnated soul, will made its way into the mainstream. When that happens, we will shift from loneliness to companionship. We will seek to meet each other, and show our true selves.

Humanity has chosen this time to be a great ending to our current civilization. I do not say it lightly. This depends our our choices. I don't know the future. Hopefully, this will be the great beggining of our mature and fresh new civilization, one that recognizes the beauty of its planets, its people, and the importance to protect these.

From a spiritual perspective, the evolution is not going forward by our own will. That would be a great misunderstanding. Evolution goes forward by a sort of "divine plan", by metaphysical cycles and forces, by astrological influence, by an increase in vibratory energy.

By 2012, a significant (but subtle) shift in energy occurs. Revolution (these revolutions we spoke) will gather speed and intensity. The turning point occurs from a metaphysical perspective as mass events and mass change occurs in our planet afterwards.

2012 marks the end of 3D energy, as it shifts gradually into early 4D energy. This is a shift from the vibration of self-awareness and ego to the vibration of love, compassion and liberating emotion. This is an energy of truth and clarity, and of common purpose.

It is a very early beginning, and a very subtle birth. We will not levitate into the thin air, immediately, but after a few centuries, this could be a great probability! There can be some intense earth changes, like weather and geological phenomena, but not the sort of Hollywood style, rest in peace! However, centuries passing by and after about 300-700 years, our 3D Earth will become uninhabitable. The global changes will be probably revolutionary, and so there will be our personal ones. Hopefully (and most likely), the world will be a much more harmonious place in about 20 years.

Feel free to read more mundane details of these global changes on:

Meanwhile, don't forget: do not live thinking about the future, but instead live the present.