Saturday, October 17, 2009

Earth changes and 2012

This blog is focused in spiritual matters and inner changes, in the years surrounding 2012.
However, in this post I will disclose about the current trend of increasing natural disasters, in the past few years.

Since 2003, a great number of storms, heatwaves, erratic weather patterns, severe solar events, magnetic anomalies and a great ammount of historic earthquakes and tsunamis. There is the possibility that this is just related to Uranus in Pisces, a collective energy that is exalted and spurs often maritime and water disasters.

Many people have dreamt, like me, about significant earth changes, like huge tidal waves, freak storms, frigid weather, earthquakes and strange dancing lights in the sky, around 2012. I remain open to these, although I take my visions with a grain of salt.

I think (like Seth stated in the eighties) that natural disasters are a stress correlation of Earth to our chaotic patterns of change, worries and transformation. In a way, the human collective attract or even cause natural disasters, to allow for more room for renewal and transformation. A growing awareness of Earth and the growing imperative for protection of our planet is a very nice consequence. I still see 2012 as a great spiritual (inner) change for our society; we continue afterwards, in a rebirth that extends into the next two decades. 2012 is not an end, but a new beggining.

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sangye said...

I was activate 2 years ago from a Ship Captain to a free spiritual adventurer now. I have sought and learn alot in the meantime about 2012. Many would call "us" as freaks but if you can face them without an ego then you know you are on the right path.
Many have reincarnated here many times to learn and many have almost completed their "education" and ready for "ascension". When you have accepted the learning process and is ready to move to the next density, meditation is the path. Remember we are all one of the same except in this duality.
Love is the essence.

bestpsychic said...

True enough there would be big changes in 2012 in stored for us, but I think its not going to be the end of all yet.