Sunday, September 20, 2009

My perspective in star children, indigo children, 2012...

Many people claim to know the truth about 2012.
Many people also claim to see predictions that will happen.
And many people claim to be one of the following:

Light beings
Light warriors
Star child / Indigo child
Ascended alien soul

Well, I agree that our vibrations are slowly increasing and we may be in a long-term (many centuries) spiritual transformation.
But I also agree that many new age people are delusional.
I speak with personal experience, after having related to a few new age friends.
I think many invent false illusions of beauty or catastrophe that are merely they wishful-thinking or security fears.

Yes I had many OBEs and I had what could be memories of alien lifes.
But I am sure about it?

Do I feel like a spiritual warrior? Yes.
Am I sure I am one? No.

Do I feel that 2012 will bing something special? Maybe.
Am I sure? Not at all.

We know so little about our spiritual essence!
Even after years of meditation!

I think it is foolish to jump rushing making uncertain conclusions as it would be spiritual truths. Therefore, that all that I write in my blog with a grain of salt.
I have some visions, I study much material, I come to a few possibilities.
But I don't claim to know the truth.

I feel indeed very happy to not know the truth.
It gives a motivation to search and explore, to set new wishes
To see forward and don't stop our path.
And indeed I believe we are not in Earth to know the truth about the universe, but just realize our potencial as spiritual beings and our potencial to love and understand.

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accuratepsychicreadings said...

What ever happens next year, we will know for certain. But this I know, that we should prepare for the inevitable, maybe it be apocalyptic in scale or not.