Friday, January 22, 2010

Four Laws of Creation

You exist. One form or another, but you exist. Can't change that.
All are One, and One is all. Can't change that.
What you put forward is what you get back. Can't change that.
Change is the only constant (except for the other three laws!)

Our rule, within the all's life purpose, is to be ourselves, the part we have created in this life.
This life is an adventure, an excitement. To enhance every aspect of our being.
So, we should remember, whenever we feel down, heavier, not so well, that we can enlighten, feel lighter, don't carry the others's heavy baggage.

2012 is around the moment where the collective momentuum of positiveness in humanity exceedes that of negativity, and so it greates relieves our world, and fills it with positiveness from that moment onwards.

So, when we choose a different alternative reality that is much positiveness, it's not the world that changes, it is ourselves, the world only adjusts to a possibility that already exists. In time, the incompatibilities of other peoples, other worldly events, that seem to be incompatible with us, will dissolve and fade away.

Let go of the idea that we need to be someone
Let go of the idea that things have to done in a certain way

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