Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thinks to check...

Cosmic Trigger, Robert Anton Wilson
Exo-Psychology or Info-Psychology, Timothy Leary

To control the senses to avoid distraction in meditation, by breathing and focusing
one step of Raja Yoga
another step of Raja Yoga: purity of body, mind and soul, ethical purity and from desires
Anarchist "turn on, tune in, drop-out" as said by Timothy Leary
Drop out is not protest. Is non-violent action, dettachment, getting away from authority and control and rules and musts and shoulds (manifestos against work!)

Of course let us not forget the self-sufficient movement, the simply living, the manifesting of abundance (Abraham, Esther Hicks), the permaculture, the wild agriculture (Fukuoka), the service to others philosophy (Ra Material) and integrate all of them!!!

On Sexual Poverty, to see away from sex as a comodity and as a goal-aim pleasure
To regain and touch the sensual and sexual side of nature, where you lost in each other in exctatic feelings of share.
To share is to contradict the proposition of capitalism
(Ra Material and links, also have a very profound description of energetic patterns of human sexuality and how to go from vibrating in red ray (physical self-pleasure) to yellow (identification, link) to green ray (love shared and connection, peace and pure devotion-love) to blue/indigo (mystic communication and communion) to violet (divine transcendence of love and oneness fusion)

Please see local community barter and share such as freedom gardens to grow our own food and Freeconomy online community to share skills and land and meet people in person and increase community

Returning back to Leary please see
Leary propose eight models of consciousness, four are well-known: survivalist for food/pleasure and away of dangers (one-dimensional) mediated by opioids, second is emotional and triggered by alchool, third is logical and rational (caffeine), fourth is tribal including rules of moral and sexual or love connection, fifth is neurosomatic triggered by cannabis or yoga and explored during the sixties linked to eroticism and leisure/hedonism (seeing things beyond 4D of space-time, multidimensional), sixth is neuroelectric where the mind becomes aware of itself independently of the former circuits (triggered by psilocibin) abstract patterns of trips, seventh is neurogenetic, to become aware of our genetic ancestry, past life, akashic records, immortality, global unconscious (triggered by LSD), eighth is neutoatomic triggered by the dreamspace of DMT where life is commanded by intergalatic consciousness, aliens, overmind, quantum...

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