Monday, December 8, 2008

Should we move into a self-sufficiency earthship house

Today I ask this to the Tarot
"Should I move? Should I move into a self-sufficiency earthship? Should I remove to a rural place?

Chariot: it is a symbol of a great quest and challenge, an external one (self-suffiency, drop-out, living off-grid): we have collected great knowledge on that and persuit fiercely this with both overconfidence and overambition and anxiety but also a good sense of willpower. A hard control, discipline and balance will be needed as well as great willpower. The departure seems not sad, it is filled with optimism and joy, leading to sucess. Cautious to take our moderation but with great will
Death: an ended needed, we may be stuck in time, stalled, there may be short time, the price to pay of a deep change, a deep transformation
Sun: optimism, clarity of mind, sucess, a purpose, new begginings to come

Fool: I asked about making a move this year: this year may be a somewhat impulsive and careless move, to make a move or take a decision. We have all we need to act, move, travel, change, but there is still a change we may be unaware of some important details and trouble. We should act with care and common sense. But embark on this new journey!
Star: a strike of confidence, guidance and regeneration, both in conscious and unconscious!

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