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2012, what will happen probably, and the years ahead - the societal and spiritual revolution to a gradual new evolution step of mankind

RE: Harvesting and living in a 4D world
Hmmmm... It seems obvious that during the past few centuries a few important things happened: opportunities for both STS or STO polarization!
Some examples are: the urge for domination, corruption and opportunities for self-pleasure (STS) increased as we approached 2012; the opportunities for STO work have also increase, since our society had grown to a very complex state, providing many different ways of living, travelling and contacting people. There were many new intentional communities established in the sixties and new ways of having honesty and freedom in relationships. So, I guess there had been much MORE opportunities and catalysts, as we approach 2012, for both STS or STO polarization. This is fairly obvious.
The same thing rings true for an increased contact of ET inteliggences to Earth inhabitants, either by pure inspiration, guidance, channeling or the STS contacts.

It seems that this is the HARVEST, the POLARIZATION.
Then, it also seems that more gradually the vibrations have been increasing. We had an approaching unstable 20th century but perhaps it is more harmonious now.
It could be finnaly be the transition 3D to 4D as we approach 2012 and the decades following a gradual transition, for our society.

There it still remains two things to be manifested fully:
1- removal of old 3D and STS patterns of thinking and 2- further association between STO entities for true STO work:
Since the sixties we have seen much of this (and even before with the end of slavery, french and american revolutions, new political ideals, new ecological ideals, minorities having rights, the emancipation of women, the internet), but the service that we provide is still some to STS goverments, so I guess this economic-social-ecological crisis is just one of the last catalysts before the 2012 turning point! It makes much sense to me. It provides a further opportunity for graduation and polarization, and increase in vibration. Therefore the Earth changes do not need to be radical, at least when society seems to be more radically transformating. But I still thing these Earth change will still happen, to some degree, to provide full catalyst for association between STO entities. Hard times such a depression provide that chance. STS and 3D old patterns crumble and STO opportunities abound more easily.
If 2012 does not bring such dramatic events, or if society does not change that much, I still think 2012 is still a turning point with much activity around the date (at least the economic depression and the powerful catalyst it provides, and a changein societal structures, and thus opportunities for STO work) Curiously, astrologically, in 2011 both Uranus enters Aries initially a new cycle of change and radical turning points (as I have stated for the 1760s, 1848 and 1930s periods of awareness for new rights and societal reorganization), and Neptune enters Pisces (new spiritual ideals), Pluto cycles also correlate with these things (I do not want to go much into detail herein, but you see the point, in how much turns around the next few years) Then, I would see, depending in how much our peoples change between 2010 and 2025, a century ahead with not so much sudden change but more gradual change, permitting the true STO work, in a gradual way, in both a pragmatic way, structural (communities, families, cities) and spiritual (more connection to green ray, love, union). This would be the start of our memory complex formation. Rolleyes 4D would manifest then, in this transition 100-700 years period, by a gradual vibrational increase of the peoples.
I think by 2100 and 2200 much will have change! How much of our society remains is the unknown answer. But mostly only STO aspects should remain, even if physical. I do not see any puff into the air because, you know, 4D is already here. You can meditate or calm down and sometimes you enter it for a few seconds. It happens to me when sometimes see powerful storms, those small breakthroughts of something else...
You can trip mushrooms (not so recommended) and you see it even more. You have lucid dreams you see it here. You the reality is already it in an astral way. I think, as people during the next centuties fully realize and access to this, the consensus will be more and more of that. We would just became more aware of that.
But I dont reject the possibility of something happening around 2011 or 2012 that would bring many of us closer to that. Maybe a few, maybe many, maybe widespread (but that would cause chaos to many unprepared). I think things would only get much more sensitive and emotional, so unprepared would crush or awake, and the rest would increase more their vibrations.
I also foresee some really powerful STO inspirational entities incarnating at this time and therefore providing even more catalyst, such as Christ did 2000 years ago. Sleepy Seth said this once.
I based much of this in my intuition, logic, some astrology, and some dream visions. It all makes sense now.

I am sorry for the really long text!

The big question now is: how can we provide much STO opportunities for work, service and association, transcending our current societal structures (besides a more positive approach to family, and without the need for include a head-jump into intentional communities, such as for us many whom live in cities, and in relative isolation to our neighboours

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