Saturday, January 24, 2009

Tarot and correspondence to Planets in Astrology

4 Emperor, Aries
5 Hierophant, Taurus
6 Lovers, Gemini
7 Chariot, Cancer (these four makes much sense)

11 Strength, Leo
9 Hermit, Virgo (it comes two after Cancer, it makes sense; this could be also Pisces or Scorpio, after the Libra 8)
8 Justice, Libra
13 Death, Scorpio

14 Temperance, Sagittarius (fusion of opposites, united focus, this could be also Libra)
15 Devil, Capricorn (and this could be Scorpio) (the Tower 16 would be Scorpio too)
17 Star, Aquarius (or Sagittarius)
18 Moon, Pisces

These are make sense (except Emperor as Libra):
Emperor4=Libra, Hierophant5=Scorpio, Lovers6=Sagittarius, Chariot7=Capricorn, Aquarius8=Justice, Pisces9=Hermit

But these make more sense!:
Leo8=Justice, Virgo9=Hermit, The wheel 10=Libra, Strength11=Scorpio, Sacrifice12=Sagittarius, Death13=Capricorn, Temperance14=Aquarius

This backwards order make also sense, except some:
Empress3=Pisces, Emperor4=Aquarius Hierophant5=Capricorn, Lovers6=Sagittarius, Chariot7=Scorpio, Libra8=Justice, Virgo9=Hermit, Wheel10=Leo, Strength11=Cancer, 12Sacrifice=Gemini, 13Death=Taurus, 14Temperance=Aries

Hierophant5=Cancer, Lovers6=Gemini, Chariot7=Taurus, Justice8=Aries, Hermit9=Pisces, Wheel10=Aquarius, Strength11=Capricorn, 12Sacrifice=Sagittarius, 13Death=Scorpio, 14Temperance=Libra

This one of the order that makes more sense!
Fool0=Aries, Magician1=Taurus, High Priestess2=Gemini, Empress3=Cancer, Emperor4=Leo, Hierophant5=Virgo, Lovers6=Libra, Chariot7=Scorpio, Justice8=Saggitarius, Hermit9=Capricorn, Wheel10=Aquarius, Strength11=Pisces!!

15Devil=Pisces or more sense with 16Tower=Pisces, or jumping to the order above of Temperance as Sagittarius.

Ordered are the archetypes such as:
first seven cards= related to mind
second seven cards= related to body
third seven cards= related to spirit
last card= the choice (STS vs STO)
1 matrix of...
2 potentiator of ...
3 catalys of t...
4 experience of...
5 significator of...
6 transformator of...
7 great way of...

Fool= Mercury
Magician= Mercury, Uranus - Aquarius, Gemini, Taurus, Pisces...
High Priestess= Moon, Venus, Neptune, Sun, ... - Leo, Cancer..
Empress= Venus, Moon - Cancer...
Emperor= Sun, Mars - Leo
Hierophant= Uranus - Virgo, Aquarius
Lovers= Venus, Sun - Libra, Gemini, Sagittarius

Chariot= Mars, Taurus, Scorpio, Aries, 
Justice= Jupiter, Mercury - Libra, Aries
Hermit= Neptune, Saturn = Virgo, Pisces
Wheel= Jupiter, Uranus - Aquarius
Strength= Pluto, Mars, 
Sacrifice= Saturn, Neptune - Pisces, Virgo
Death= Saturn, Pluto - Scorpio

Temperance= Jupiter - Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius
Devil= Saturn, Pluto, Mars - Scorpio, Capricorn
Tower=Saturn, Mars, Pluto - Scorpio, Capricorn
Star=Jupiter, Neptune - Sagittarius, Aquarius, Pisces
Moon=Moon, Neptune - Cancer, Pisces, Virgo
Sun=Sun - Leo, Sagittarius
Judgement= Saturn, Jupiter - Libra, Scorpio

World=Neptune, Jupiter, Mercury - Pisces, Sagittarius

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