Friday, August 28, 2009

A clear idea on 2012 ascension and harvest

I was wondering whether 4D is a little bit like the astral realm, with plastic perception and flexibility of time and space, and rapid manifestation.

If this is true, and if Earth becomes (either abruptly or gradually) a 4D planet after 2012, then something radical must occur in order to create those foundations.

You would see more people awakening (as it is indeed happening), and society crashing (as it seems to be happening). A radical increase in energy must occur to change effectively our society and the distribution of its people towards STO and astral energies!!

If so, it is predictable (and this is only with a gradualist transition time), that our social world will become very different by 2030, since more people will be rapid manifesting, and promoting new groupwork ideals. Our civilization will die and reborn. We will metaphorically die and reborn. Our leaders will be removed or changing, since they would not corresponded to an increased state of energy. Isn't this true? Then, our economy will not last long, our military will not last long, our behavior towards the planet will change. Wars would have to finish, one way or another, but hopefully in a positive way. Poverty, materialism, lack of compassion and ignorance too. I can see this change in my life, can you see it in the world around?

Assuming this, I think in 150 years, we will have a very different world, and everything ready to start seeing less bodily reality and a more astral realm, without any cut-dry transition. People would die and reincarnate here if they would made a harvesting choice to serve others.

If the gradualist transition is not true, then the world would in late 2012 die, and rebirth completely new in 4D realm, but to me it does not make so much sense, although cleaning may need to occur.
In both cases, it's a Phoenix rising up from the ashes...

Here goes the four scenarios:
Possibility #1) The transition comes in a very gradual transformation after 2012 (no boundary)
Earth is activated 4D in 2011-2012, but there is no cut-dry border between 3D and 4D. This is the scenario I have depicted above.
Entities on Earth are pushed up gradually to upper layers of 3D and to early layers of 4D, along a period of transition, until after about 100-700 years, we are all in full 4D. This is a gradual transition and the boundary some centuries ahead is then very naturally expected (or there is no boundary). In this scenario, we will our evolution accelerating after 2012, with several gradual transformations. Only or mostly STO individual would be incarnating after 2012 (this is after the 2012 choice deadline point). So, we would transit from a mixed orientation to a full STO collective (which I don't know if it makes sense or not).

Possibility #2) The transition comes in a sudden climax in 2012
Alternatively, this transition can go very fast for a few months before 2011-2012, while in late 2012 we are in full 4D.
Earth is activated 4D in 2011-2012, while at the same time 3D deactivated. This would mean that our modern society would end abruptly. There are varying theories on how this "end" is going to happen.
A crescendo towards a climax moment of ascension or full destruction followed by ascension. Either case, we leave to 4D, while 3D stays behind, with a cut boundary.

Possibility #3) After 2012 two Earths co-exist for decades, but 3D eventually dies out and souls transfered
Earth is activated 4D in 2011-2012, however 4D is not inhabited. This is to allow 3D entities to complete their incarnations naturally. Gradually, between now and next decades, we are transferred to 4D. Once all 3D entities have completed their incarnations, the 4D part of the Earth is completely populated. This is a strange scenario, in that we will notice that no more birthing would occur! Or, what could happen, is that STS, STO and mixed individuals could still incarnate on Earth. Maybe, 3D Earth stays for a while inhabited, and then several centuries later 3D Earth is terminated, and only 4D persists (then, our 3D entities could still ascend, if they were sufficiently polarized). Maybe depopulation occurs because entities have choosen to transit to another 3D planet or 4D Earth, by next decade!

Possibility #4) There is no soon transition; this is not real; nothing happens; something else happens.

Accordindly to Quo, it seems it is something like scenario #1 or #3. Particularly when they state the 100-700 transition period, and that after 2012 we will still notice our ability to breathe and function as 3D bodies, as if nothing special has happened. But because entities might have to die to ascend to 4D, maybe it is option #3 that will happen.
In either case, in January 2013, we will not know nothing, or if you would ascend afterwards or not.
The mass interest in 2012 reflects both our fear that 3D will eventually die (our impulse for physical survival) and our wish to transit to a new state of learning and passing this harvest challenge (our spiritual call). My point is to forget a bit about any survival issue, and it would not matter much; and focus in the moment, in taking full advantage of our learning, polarization and creative lessons, of listening to within and act from the heart.

What do you think?

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bestpsychic said...

In short, the possibilities are endless. No one can actually say what would become of us after 2012. This is amazing stuff. Great job. I'll keep this is mind.