Friday, August 28, 2009

Our civilizafion: Phoenix rising from the ashes

Possibility #3) Earth is activated 4D in 2011-2012, however 4D is not inhabited. This is to allow 3D entities to complete their incarnations naturally. Gradually, between now and next decades, we are transferred to 4D. Once all 3D entities have completed their incarnations, the 4D part of the Earth is completely populated. This is a strange scenario, in that we will notice that no more birthing would occur! Or, what could happen, is that STS, STO and mixed individuals could still incarnate on Earth. Maybe, 3D Earth stays for a while inhabited, and then several years later 3D Earth is terminated, and only 4D persists (then, our 3D entities could still ascend, if they were sufficiently polarized). Maybe depopulation occurs because entities have choosen to transit to another 3D planet or 4D Earth, during this century!

There is a 100-700 transition period.
After 2012 we will still notice our ability to breathe and function as 3D bodies, as if nothing special has happened. We only ascend after our death, after 2012, because Earth 4D is activated then. This is our last 3D life. Time to finish karma, and to decide to act from the heart, serving others.

Since Earth persists for a while, our focus should be in focus in the moment, listening to within and act from the heart.

(this is assuming no crescendo towards a climax in 2012, which I find unlikely)

Watching astrology, when major likely transformation or ascension waves occur:
- In 1990s, as Neptune-Uranus-Saturn conjunct in Capricorn
- In 2011/2012, as planets align in cardinal signs in a powerful T-square
- In the revolutionary times of 2020s (2022-2029) while Saturn-Neptune enters Aries
- In 2032 as Uranus-Saturn enters Cancer
- In 2042 as Uranus, Saturn and Neptune square in early degrees of fixed signs
- In 2065, as Neptune enters Cancer and squares Pluto
- In 2080 as Neptune opposes Uranus and Saturn in late cardinal degrees
- In 2105 as Pluto, Uranus and Eris conjunt in Taurus, Neptune-Saturn-Jupiter T-square
- In 2135 as Neptune, Uranus and Pluto form a T-square in mutable signs
- In 2156 as Uranus, Pluto and Saturn form a T-square in early cardinal signs (Cap/Can)
- In 2165, Uranus-Neptune conjuntion in Aquarius
- In 2186, diverse planetary squares
- In 2269, Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries, Saturn in Cancer, Eris in Libra, form a big cross

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