Thursday, August 27, 2009

Crop circles

Alternative end dates
2011 october 28 8 zac the Calleman end date!
(2012 june 5, 13 imix, tzolkin) this is the Venus transit, curiously it is 13 imix
(2012 diverse astronomical events in 21 May, 14 Jun)
(2012 dec 21) the traditional end date, but not a 13 ahau Tzolkin
2012 july 14 3 xul this correlates with some predictions by Quo/Ra for summer 2012 *
2013 march 31 3 op

Having seen crop circles for several years, what to me seems funny and remarkable is this:
- they seem creates with beauty and complexicity by some non-physical inteliggence
- they integrate images of Mayan cosmology, Celtic and other spiritual elements
- they integrate pictures of mystic animals such as dragonfly, jelly fish, phoenix
- they point to dates based in astronomical positions, drawing the earth and planets, and angles measuring distances or time periods
- they point to Mayan calendar significance of 2012, possible a key warning
- they may point to solar wind events (?)
- they include pictures of a gray once in a while, and many circles and swirling forms
- they include codes, like mayan numbers, computer codes, dna-like (?) and sometimes messages

Lets see for example this year circles:
- a dragonfly (the recurrent theme of two wings, which are fragmented) with a circle in the middle (our earth?) and eleven circles aligned and increasing in size (the last circle in center and biggest); there is a semi-circle on top of dragonfly head; circles have segmented regions.
- 3 circles around one central circle connected to three fishes, which connected to a string of 3 x seven increasing circles (densities of reality? 21 tarot archetypes? Pisces symbology?) (8 June)
- A phoenix, with again broken flames below, and a circle surrounded by 3 (again) minor circles, with 12 lines (plus one extra, hence 13, which makes a circle in the bird head, again!).
Curiously the mythology of a water jelly fish (29 May), a air dragonfly (3 June), and now a fire phoenix (12 June). Even more funny is the fact that the first occured after a Cancer Moon, the second after a Libra Moon, but the third under an Aquarius Moon.
In following circles each animal always occured after the moon of the same element (sideral zodiac)! Also researchers say this is the near future fate of mankind, from utter destruction to rising from the ashes, and much circles point to 14 June 2012!
Many circles in 2009 reveal animals too.
- one six pointed star, with circles around (one has angle extensions), and a center circle
- a circle with several (4) layers cut at different angles
- one circle with a spiral like design, with four layers (again), a semi-circle (recurrent theme) in middle has a outer layer divided in 33 or 39 small sections (the spiral could be a galaxy or something else, probably the sun due to rotate every 33 days!)
- In 14 June 2009, a circle depicting an Aztec bird appeared! This is with many 4 layers, curiously 14 June 2012 is 4 Caban, and Aztec end of 4th solar age by earthquakes.
- One amazing circle appeared in 21 June 2009, with a sextant, squares containing some information and layers depicting orbits of planets or other bodies, and then a huge line of a strange code!
-Another crazy circle depicting a Mayan calendar like structure, also resembling a bit the Phoenix! Pointing to 2012 June, and to some possible astronomical event by 6 September 2009 or 17 November 2009

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